Together We Grow

Peace of mind is priceless and we guarantee that with greater training accessibility and quality equipment, the public can have confidence during a medical emergency. Community and those we chose to surround ourselves with mean everything. Whether it is schools, local businesses, or any public venue, you expect a certain level of safety and comfort. Getting your community involved with tactical casualty care courses and medical gear can be a bonding experience that also adds value and an overall sense of gratitude.

Safeguard Medical has products and services that focus on community emergency preparedness. Bleeding control wall stations, hydration relief, and CPR training devices are just a few that are specific to common training opportunities for the public. We believe that access to these and other training resources should be introduced to more communities across the nation. Supporting one another is what builds valuable relationships and as a company, we want to cultivate the confidence that comes with receiving life-saving equipment and training.

When we think about giving back to the community, the goals can span across many different functions: local businesses, progressing infrastructure, social gatherings, and helping the less fortunate. In each of these aspects of the community, there is an opportunity to help others in the case of a medical emergency. Our aim is to make basic trauma care available and understandable to the masses. We are dedicated to making uncommon connections and supplying people with the knowledge and power to save lives no matter their experience level.

Global market leader in the creation of life-saving products and training programs.