Security & Defense

Defending the Defenders

Military and law enforcement along with other security and defense services, require innovative and effective products. We don’t just stop at production; we support our customers through New Equipment Training programs and work closely with tactical medical trainers to conduct hundreds of training events annually. Our team has contributed first-in-class life-saving product developments that go into combat medic kits for the U.S. Department of Defense and to numerous allied militaries & law enforcement agencies around the world.

When it comes to safety and quality standards, Safeguard Medical invests in sourcing and meeting top of the line requirements that are necessary for federal and military medical products and packaging. To support those needs we have established ISO 13485 Standards for the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of tactical medical devices. We are an FDA registered establishment that provides medical device manufacturing and packaging services in an FDA inspected, Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP production environment.


Safeguard Medical is driven to decrease the number of preventable deaths on the battlefield. Our goal is to empower medical operators of all skill levels to reduce pre-hospital mortality and eliminate preventable deaths wherever tactically possible. We do this by developing and delivering mission critical products and training that simplify tactical medicine from the point of injury through to evacuation.


Federal agents and employees often work with high risk people and environments where tactical emergency training can be an afterthought. We offer training programs and medical equipment that bridge those gaps and enable federal service members to feel confident when involved with or responding to traumatic incidents. We have experience connecting and collaborating with federal departments across the world to increase medical response preparedness.

Private Security

Private security for notable clientele or assets involves extensive training and discretion. Safeguard Medical is experienced in assessing the medical needs of its customers and customizing training to those needs. Whether the environment is stationary or dynamic, based on the extent of your security operations, we can enhance the safety of your client and team with best-in-class training and medical equipment.

Global market leader in the creation of life-saving products and training programs.