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Confidence in Numbers

When it comes to how you value your business or industry, the foundation and people who commit to its progress are priceless. Participation in tactical casualty care courses is a proactive life-preserving service that adds value to your company. We are committed to our customers and tailoring our strategy to best suit you and your employees with any industry specific needs.

Safeguard Medical has a wide range of products and training services that are centered around workplace emergency preparedness. Depending on the logistics or operational reach, we can customize the training and medical gear. Instead of standardizing and having limited options, we pride ourselves on developing our customer relationships so that your medical requirements are tailored specifically for your needs.


With great power comes great responsibility and dedication to safety measures that meet or exceed their environment. Energy production facilities and their resources often operate in high risk conditions that vary based on the energy source. Safeguard Medical provides emergency medical equipment and training with unmatched capability standards and is able to strategically train and equip staff based on individual production circumstances.


No matter the setting, there should always be access to lifesaving equipment. Safeguard Medical supports maritime industries in their emergency preparedness endeavors with uniquely customized services based on operations. Whether it is commercial or private business, we are committed to providing the highest quality resources available. Our goal is to promote a further understanding of how to address traumatic incidents that are specific to the maritime industry.


In the face of adversity, we are only as strong as the members of our team. Mental health and workplace stress is a matter that has gained importance over the years. Safeguard Medical is committed to instilling confidence and empowering people with skills that go beyond the workplace and have a lasting effect on their community and home. The highest quality training courses and medical equipment, expertly delivered by professional instructors will deliver a hands-on experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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